About Us

The Internet Weather Map™ (IWM) is an Open Community Project whose goal is to map and share data on the latency and outages that occur constantly on the Internet. This information is used by IT Administrators around the world to quickly diagnose problems with their own Internet connectivity. Information on general Internet latency has been available for some time, but the IWM creates very specific data, allowing the IT Administrator to use this data for investigating issues such as email delays, and sluggish browsing.

Since IWM is an Open Community project, it relies on the volunteer efforts of many people around the globe. These volunteers set up simple tracers to feed latency data to the IWM. By collecting different data from multiple sites, the IWM shows a much more comprehensive picture of Internet latency than you could find on your own. The IWM is always looking for more data feeds, so if you're interested in helping, we can show you how easy it is, and the benefits of being a member. Just send us an email.