What is the Internet Weather Map™ (IWM) used for?

IT Professionals around the world rely on the millions of servers connected to the Internet to operate flawlessly. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world, and problems on the Internet are constantly happening, and being corrected, every moment of every day. The IWM is used to quickly scan for problems in your area, or the area you are trying to work with, so that you can be more informed of problems before they happen.

Why should I create an Account?

Accounts are kept to remember your preferences about the map, making it customized to your liking, and to allow you to contribute to the community by uploading latency data from your servers. There is no charge for an account, and your account information will be kept private. Only latency data you choose to upload will be displayed on the map and will be publicly accessible.

Future plans include extra services, included for free to those that upload data, or available for a a small fee. See the Roadmap below for details. If you'd like to be notified when these features are available, please email us at support@internetweathermap.com

How can I help out?

The IWM project is always looking for more data feeds. If you have a Unix/Linux computer that can run a Bash script, you can help out. Just run this script on your server from crontab, and it will do all the work in scanning and uploading the data to the IWM. For your efforts, you will be provided with a focused view of your connectivity with the Internet, as well as being able to share your findings with fellow IT professionals. We are also looking for Bash and PHP programmers.

Is this an Open Source project

No, at present, the source code is not Open Source, but the data is generates will be made publicly available on our map. While we have no plans to make the code Open Source, we are not adverse to it. However, the tracer program, since it's written in Bash, is considered Open Source, and is viewable on GitHub as https://github.com/dstrickler/IWM_Trace

Who runs the IWM?

The IWM was originally created by stricklerholdings.com, and is now hosted and maintained by Nick Gregory.

Why are there less lines on the map than there are in the chart?

Many times the segments are within a city, thus mapping them comes out more of a pinpoint than a line. When this happens the segment is shown correctly on the chart, but may be too small to be seen on the map.

What does the development roadmap look like?

We have a lot we're dreaming of, but can share a few things now that are coming for sure.

Got a suggestion for us ?

Please give us your feedback on the site. Praise, as well as constructive criticism .is always welcome at support@internetweathermap.com. Please remember as a volunteer effort, emails will be responded to as quickly as possible, but it may not be the same day. Rest assured we do read all emails.